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As you guessed this site is all about online poker.

It is said that poker should always be played to the opposite of the table situatiuon. Well I, unlike online sites that go from virtual to real, have decided to get my daily experience on the felt. I have a job that makes me travel a lot and allows me to sit at the tables of all the continents, playing poker at all hours. My jet-lag is to me the opportunity to connect in my hotel room, read articles or books strategy. It is also a little bit of fun to play in any casino or card-rooms of the world.

Today, we can say that 10% to 15% of the players make money with poker. There are several ways to approach this discipline.

- Firstly, a simple hobby has a cost, framed by an annual or monthly budget. These players that I call fun seek above all to have fun. Regardless of whether in the long term they are winners or losers full of leaks. The important thing is to spend time practising a discipline they like. This approach is quite commendable. Similarly to someone who plays tennis every week with friends, not making money, but spends time practising his sport, while accepting that requires payment.

- There are obviously pros, who spend their days on a screen and evenings on the tables of circles, steps EPT, WPT or WSOP other! These players are making young generations dream of those who are earning millions playing.

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